Problem Solving


Rylee Nicoletti

Creating a group of South Shore students Sawyer Schierman, Heather Ranta, and Elizabeth Kobie attend a coalition meeting at the Ashland Visiting Center.

Heather Ranta, Reporter

Three South Shore students were accompanied by Jodi Truchon, the guidance counselor at South Shore, attended the Lead and Seed training that happened in December. The same students Elizabeth (Lizzy) Kobie, Heather Ranta and Sawyer Schierman all later attended a coalition meeting on January 18, 2017. The meeting was not only for South Shore. There were many people from Ashland county and Bayfield county. There were even some students and teachers from both Ashland Middle School and Bayfield High School.

The meeting took place at the Ashland Visitors Center at 12:00-2:15. The students had to miss the second half of the school day to attend the meeting. The hosts definitely knew how to get the attention of a bunch of high school kids. The first thing on the agenda was lunch. As everyone munched on the snacks provided, they all introduced themselves. After all of the introductions rules were put into place. The main rule was respect. Everyone had to give respect to the person talking and they ideas or issues. The other rule was confidentiality. Nobody can talk about other’s issues to prevent rumors from getting out of hand.

The action started to happen when the schools split into groups and addressed problems that were happening within the districts. The adults were also split into two different groups. The groups were split for about a half hour discussing how to approach the problems. When the half hour ended everyone created one big group, so the small groups could tell everyone their solutions. After all of the solutions were shared