Hitting the Season Hard


Rylee Nicoletti

Chloe Sipsas, an 8th grader, goes up for the spike, challenging Mr.Tiberg.

Rylee Nicoletti

On Jan. 26th 2017, the girls middle school volleyball team will take on the Drummond Lumberjills and the Solon Springs Eagles in their first game of the season. The girls have two teams, an eighth and seventh grade, that will play on Thursday. Volleyball is kind of overlooked at South Shore, but this year the girls are trying to make that different.

The team, coached by Darla Lahti, has been practicing at every free moment possible. It can get challenging when you have two other high school basketball teams using the gym, but they have prevailed. They have been practicing their setting, passing & hitting during practices. Taylor Nicoletti has been playing for 3 years now and loves the sport, “We are moving great and practicing hard. We are all looking forward to our game next week.”

They also have some different faces out on the court. Chloe Sipsas, who is very dedicated to basketball, decided to try out a new sport this year. The girls love having her in practice this year and she is having a great time, “I like it a lot. I love my team and we work well together.” They also have some new incoming 6th graders who were welcomed to play on the 7th grade team this season.

Darla has been working hard with her team in hopes of taking home some wins this season, so please come support them in their first appearance of the season at our own home court. We wish them the best of luck!