The Conference Gets Tougher


Heather Ranta

Dallas William drives to the basket through two Drummond defenders in hopes to score.

Rylee Nicoletti

On Jan. 5th, Drummond, the only undefeated team in the Indianhead conference, got taken down by the Mercer Tigers. This was a huge upset, but was a great advantage for our own South Shore Cardinals. The boys are now tied for third place with Washburn, but on Jan. 12th they had a chance to tie for first, three ways.

On Jan. 12th, the boys took on the Drummond lumber jacks. The game was very intense, and had the crowd sitting on the edge of their seats the whole entire game. From the beginning, we knew this was going to be a good game. The game was within two points throughout every quarter until the last couple minutes. We were down by three with two minutes left in the game. The boys needed to pull this one off, but we just couldn’t with the amount of time left. The team took a hard fall and could not get back up. They had loss by a mere six points. This was a hard loss to take, but they took it with pride. The conference has just gotten tougher. There is no undefeated teams, and the title can be in anyones hands.

This was a tough loss, but our boys will pick it right back up again. There goals are to take home the conference championship, which has not happened in a couple years. We wish the best for the boys in the rest of the season!