Hang 10!


Brigid J. Ripley

You’ll hang it in the lobby. Coach Tiberg directs basketball pro Megan Gustafson to the front entry way where she is to retire #10.

Brigid J. Ripley, Adviser

It’s official!  On Thursday, December 22, with adoring fans, family, friends and news stations in attendance, South Shore retired #10 – Megan Gustafson’s number.  Gustafson, sporting Hawkeye gear, signed her old jersey and with her mom and dad by her side, walked from the gymnasium to the front entrance to hang up her jersey in the waiting showcase.  Gustafson graduated from South Shore in 2015 with an impressive resume of accomplishments that had her at the top of many college recruiting programs.  Only once before has South Shore retired a number and that honor belongs to Jolene Anderson, a graduate of 2005 and a UW-Madison alum, who now plays professionally on the international scene.

A quick Google search on the traditions and criteria for retiring jerseys resulted in variations as numerous as there are schools of all levels who’ve retired jerseys in the past.  In conclusion, retiring a player’s jersey is a final way to honor that player’s significant impact and contribution to the school’s program.

The school and community are proud of their team and proud of their athletes and look forward to future celebrations of this time honored event, cheering on the athletes and supporting their careers at home and abroad.


Brigid J. Ripley
Showing poise and grace, Gustafson is interviewed about the retirement of her number at South Shore on December 22, 2016 during a double header against Winter.