Winter Concert

Blowing the audience away the South Shore middle school band finally has the chance to perform.

Heather Ranta, Reporter

Is it already that time of year? Christmas in on its way! South Shore held its 2016 winter concert on December 15th in the South Shore high school gymnasium. The concert was immediately off to a great start, or otherwise known as a cute start. The four-k and kindergartners started the whole thing off by singing I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. The adorable opening grabbed everyone’s attention creating a joyful mood throughout the concert. This year the order of the concert was a little chaotic but, it was all for good reasons. One good reason was it made it so everyone would have the same audience. A parent at the concert for a high school student would also watch the elementary performances because the high school performances were spread out.

Not only did the adorable young children do an outstanding job but, the middle school and high school did as well. The high school managed to play beautiful music with the admitted confusion some of the band members had. The flute section was supposed to start out one of the songs but, they had not realized that the song was stared. In the end they had pulled it off. The song sounded perfectly fine to anyone listening. The band still knew what had happened. It had only given them something to remember the night by.

The ending gave everyone else something to remember the night by. It got everyone involved when the 6th and 7th grade choir sang Santa Claus is Coming to Town. People started to sing when suddenly, a man that looked as if he was Santa Claus walked in the gym. After the song ended all of the children aged 5th grade or younger were encouraged to go receive a gift from Santa.