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South Shore instagram account, with its first post.

Morgan Rock, Reporter

Today’s world has become digital. It is very well-known. This article is on the website. Therefore, many schools and organizations have decided to go with the generation and go digital. South Shore School already has a website page where they post a calendar, a staff directory, and various sources of information about the school. The school also has their very own twitter account,, here they post about school snow days and sports events! The internet is quick and easy. You do not need to try hard to find the information you need. To make South Shore even more digital and public, part of the yearbook staff has created an Instagram page.

Many people love seeing action packed pictures which arouse intensity and excitement! However, most of the time the students and community don’t get to see these pictures till they purchase a yearbook. The staff however has decided to give you easier access to these amazing photos! The page will consist of basketball, volleyball, track & field, cross country, and various action pictures of each sport! Every student will be tagged in their pictures and will be able to save them as their own. There will also be various school day pictures like shop activities such as welding, gym class and personal fitness, field trips and many more fun activities. Each photo will also have a story about the picture and the moment. Every photographer will be credited as well, so that everyone can appreciate their work! There will also be updates about upcoming sports games! Please follow the account to support our school, stay updated and see the amazing photography!