Lead and Seed


Heather Ranta

Sophomores Sawyer Schierman and Elizabeth Kobie at the Lead and Seed training.

Heather Ranta, Reporter

Three students from South Shore were chosen by the teachers to be part of the Lead and Seed training. The training took place on December 7th and 8th at the Washburn library. The students that were chosen were, Elizabeth Kobie, Sawyer Schierman, and Heather Ranta. South Shore guidance counselor, Jodi Truchon also went with them. Three other schools went as well, Washburn, Drummond, and Bayfield. Lead and Seed is a youth led program to prevent and reduce alcohol consumption, tobacco use, and drug use in teens and the community as a whole. The instructors were Mark Gualazzi and Mike Cashmen. 

The first day of the training the South Shore students had to be at the school before 7:00 a.m. .During the training there was a lot of learning about the harm of underage drinking. Underage drinking was the theme chosen by Mark Gualazzi, because according to Mike Cashman, Wisconsin one of the highest underage drinking rates in the nation. To teach the audience about the impotence of what they were to be doing, Mark Gualazzi had everyone participate in activities. The activities were built to make everyone look at things in a different way. One of the activities the participants took a bag of household items and figured out how each item could be a symbol of the key components of successful outcomes in drug and alcohol prevention. People would not normally take two macaroni and think of them as signifying the change in someone life, but now the people at the Lead and Seed will never think of macaroni the same.

Day two of the training the South Shore students were able to sleep in an extra half hour. They realized they had shown up way too early the morning before. The morning consisted of more learning about preventing and reducing the use of harmful substances. In the afternoon was the time for planning. Each school formed their own group. The schools then started planning. South Shore planned on expanding their group to over three people. They also planned to reduce some of the problems in their community.

The Lead and Seed program was very helpful. South Shore has already created a list if people that they think will be amazing members of their group. They also have some ideas of what they will be doing with their knowledge.