Secret Santa Returns


Signe Branham

Secret Santa presents are piling up, waiting to be handed out.

Signe Branham, Reporter

The annual school-wide Secret Santa is back once again!  No one knows for sure how long this tradition has been here at South Shore, but every year for as long as memory serves, the high school and middle school students have had an opportunity to be part of this gift giving extravaganza.  Those who want to participate have their names placed in a bucket to be selected on a later date.  Everyone who is participating draws a name from the bucket.  They are then required to buy a gift for the person they selected, thus becoming a “Secret Santa”.  The identity of the gift givers are kept a secret until after the gift exchange.

Names were selected on Friday, December 2nd, during eighth hour.  Sixty-three students and nine staff members are participating in this year’s Secret Santa.  That’s almost 70% of the high school and middle school!  Gifts are due back during the last week before break.  The presents will be handed out on the 21st of December.

Secret Santa is a great way to bring the students and staff together in holiday festivity.  It brings about a sense of community, and is a great way for people to learn about their fellow South Shorians. Those who participate get a chance to give a gift to someone they maybe would have never gotten a chance to give to, and receive a gift from someone they maybe would have never gotten a gift from. Everyone gets to experience the joy of giving in Secret Santa, and that is what the holiday season is all about.