2015-16 Yearbook Staff Wins 3rd Place Nationally


Brigid J. Ripley

2015/16 Yearbook Staff: From left to right; Back Row: Casey Nicoletti, Emma Winge, Cassy Lind, Caitlyn Thompson, Cole Lovejoy, Tianna Carpenter, Morgan Sorenson. Front: Crystal Stewart, & Kellie Rock.

Morgan Rock, Reporter

The school year is filled with various action-packed activities, intense sports, academic achievements, changes in the school, and many more exciting events. Almost every student gets to experience these amazing moments. However, they are only memories until you can reminisce and look back at every part of the year. Specific students at South Shore capture these moments just for you. These hardworking students make up our yearbook staff. Many of you buy yearbooks, but do not completely comprehend the depth of the work it takes to create the yearbook every year.

Last year’s yearbook staff consisted of Kellie Rock, Tianna Carpenter, Cassie Lind, Cole Lovejoy, Morgan Sorenson, Crystal Stewart, Caitlyn Thompson, and Emma Winge. Brigid J. Ripley, a business education teacher here at South Shore, helps guides the staff, puts all the orders in, and oversees almost every part of the yearbook. The South Shore yearbook staff works with Entourage. Entourage is a specialized yearbook company, dedicated to revolutionizing how easy and affordable school yearbooks are made. The school creates an account with Entourage and the staff has access to the website at school. Entourage has various elements of design to help us create the best yearbook we can. The staff takes plenty of time to do detailed work such as enhancing and editing pictures in Adobe Photoshop and transferring them to the website. The staff worked many school hours and even crammed in an extra few on the deadline date to make sure every page was pristine. The yearbook ended up being published and sold to the public at the cheap price of only $40! The yearbook was a major success and eventually earned 3rd place nationally for page design out of every school that used Entourage to publish their books. Congratulations to the 2015/16 yearbook staff and their accomplishment! Be sure to buy the 2016/17 yearbook as we will try to aim for one of the top three placings again!