First Basketball Games

Head Coach Ryan Tiberg, explaining to the girls how to run the play during their next possession.

Heather Ranta, Reporter

November 22, is the day that both the high school boys’ basketball and the high school girls’ basketball teams have their first games. Both of the games are at Phelps, for a double header about three hours away. The boys have more of a disadvantage than the girls. They had just over one week of practice. The girls have had just over two weeks of practice, and they even had some in game experience on Friday when they played in a scrimmage against Washburn.  The boys also have two games both a junior varsity and a varsity game. The junior varsity boys played at 5:30, the same time as the girl’s varsity. The boy’s varsity played at 7:00.

During the girl’s game South Shore was ahead the whole game. The crowd was not very loud because the varisty boys had to go change at halftime and the junior varsity boys were playing at the same time as the girls, so they could not watch.  There were still parents there to watch the games. Not many, but still enough to cheer on the girls. The girls ended in a 60-49 win. Shauna Kavajecz  was the leading scorer on South Shore with 18 points, Rylee Nicoletti was in second scoring 14 points, and Emma Ostrenga was the third leading scorer with 11 points.

The varsity boys provided an exciting game. They were down most of the game, causing the crowd to go wild every time a basket was made. The teams were neck and neck. South Shore ended up pulling ahead 62 to 59. Connor Sorenson made the game winning shots. He was fouled while trying to shoot a game winning three pointer, and was sent to the free throw line to shoot three shots. He made all three to put South Shore in the lead. The boys won the game. Leading the boy’s team in points was Connor Sorenson with an outstanding 29 points, Tristan Warbalow with an amazing 17 points, and Doug Hipsher with 8 points. The junior varsity boys lot their game with an undefined score. The personal points were still recorded Sawyer Schierman leaded their scoring with 11 points, Kyler Waters with 10 points, and Bjorn Branham with 8.

All of the teams tried their absolute hardest creating a wonderful, exciting night for everyone to watch. Giving a special thanks to the coaches, the players, the fans, and anyone else supporting the team. Everyone is very appreciated for their time, hard work, and dedication. South Shore is a very community functioned school, so having the community come and watch the sporting events means a lot to the players and coaches.