Global Explorations


Brigid J Ripley

Students focusing on the project at hand during the global explorations.

Heather Ranta, Reporter

On Monday, November 14th, the sixth, fifth and fourth grade students from South Shore traveled to CESA 12 in Ashland, Wisconsin. The students went to CESA 12 for a day of Global Explorations, learning about the world and its cultures. The students were originally supposed to do a mystery Skype with someone of CESA’s choice, but it was not set up correctly. The students were then given snacks and time to eat them instead.

Secondly, the students were thought about the world’s culture by a lady named Mary Maderich. Mary was in the peace corp, so she knows a lot about the cultures from the different parts of the world. The peace corp attempts to promote world peace by training people to go to different countries to help promote a better understanding of the different places. Mary was located in Paraguay during her time with the peace corp. She told the students stories about her time there. Showing the students what other people live like.

The students now have a better understanding of different cultures, but they did not have to learn it by reading it out of a textbook. They were more interested in learning because it was a more interesting approach with someone talking about it that actually experienced it.