Staff Support Day


Brigid J. Ripley

Thank you! From left to right: Students Alyssa Kobie, Chloe Sipsas, Doug Hipsher & Tad Davidson high five staff Darla Lahti, Diane Kavajecz, Linda Moe, Cathy Gustafson, Linda Kavajecz & Julie Anderson.

Morgan Rock, Reporter

Almost every student knows and understands the struggles of school. Getting up early, getting schoolwork done, and then going home and doing some more. However, most people do not fully understand the extent of the school staff’s jobs. School staff can include any position from cooks, janitors, paraprofessionals, or even technology coordinators. These professionals work their hardest to make the school day run smoothly and to make sure every task gets completed. A national day is dedicated to honor these everyday essential employees. National Education Support Professionals Day is one part of a whole week of celebrations dedicated to education. The whole week is called American Education Week.

American Education Week is founded by the National Education Association which is the nation’s largest professional employee organization. It represents approximately three million education support professionals, elementary and secondary teachers, higher education faculty, school administrators, retired educators, and students preparing to become educators. The main goal of the week is to honor our staff and recognize the immense importance they hold in our education system.

Many schools celebrate American Education Week differently. Here at South Shore, we created our own creative way to honor these professionals. On Wednesday, the National Education Support Professionals Day, South Shore gathered all the students and staff of the school in the high school commons. Here they gave a brief description of what the day meant. Afterwards, they introduced some of the staff here at South Shore. To honor the staff each student went to each person and gave them a high-five for their diligent work. On Friday,a meat and cheese tray as well as other snacks were made available to the support staff.

American Education Week is a wonderful way to show support to the professionals in the education system that make it such a successful part of America. If you know an educational professional, take the time this week to thank them for their hard work! Thank you education support professionals, South Shore wouldn’t be as successful without all of your efforts on our behalf.  We really appreciate you!