No Shave November


Morgan Rock

Hunter Schierman, a junior, shows off his beard for No Shave November, an event to raise awareness about cancer.

Morgan Rock, Reporter

The eleventh month of the year is finally here! November holds many surprises and joys of the long year. In November, boys and girls basketball starts, Thanksgiving brings lots of turkey and scrumptious foods, hunting season sparks up here in Wisconsin, and many more celebrations. There are many traditions that take place in November. There is one specific tradition that students and teachers take part of at South Shore. This annual late fall tradition, is “No Shave November.”

The concept of “No Shave November,” is to raise awareness by embracing our hair, which many cancer patients lose. The goal is that you will save the money from buying razors, shaving cream and all the supplies that are needed to manage our hair. You can choose to participate in many ways. You can just refuse to shave for the whole month of November, or you can join the web-known side of the campaign and create your own donation page and donate the money you normally spend to shave, to cancer patients. The main goal however, is to spark conversation and awareness of cancer patients around the world.

There are a few students and teachers who¬†choose to take part in the No Shave November. No Shave November is open to women and men, but mostly suggested for men and growing out their facial hair. Hunter Schierman, a junior, gives his reasoning for taking part: “I like supporting all cancer patients that have to go through daily struggles.” After hearing about No Shave November,¬†history teacher, Mr. Tribys, has agreed to join the campaign and retire shaving for the month.

No Shave November is a wonderful campaign to raise awareness for all cancer patients in the world who go through daily struggles. We suggest and invite everyone to join and show their support this November! Throw out your razors, and let it grow!