Don’t Hate, Debate

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Summer Pay Day!
March 15, 2017

Crystal Stewart

Eighth grade class. Chloe Sipsas, Alyssa Kobie, Natalie Knaack, Lillian Tapani, Taylor Nicoletti, Sierra Butler and Jake Winge.

The past few weeks all over the U.S. have been hectic. It is one week away from one of the biggest presidential elections of all time. Most people know who the two primary candidates are. This election could make history. Hillary Clinton could be the first female president in the U.S. Citizens are on the edge of their seats waiting to find out who will become the next president. It is down to Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

This week at South Shore, some students got into the election-year spirit and had a debate. Earlier in the week the eighth-grade class had a very professional debate. Each student had to research elements of his or her topic. The topic was “Should teachers be replaced by computers?” One group argued yes, teachers are very valuable and much needed. The other team argued that students don’t need teachers. They claimed that computers can teach students better than teachers. This was the first debate these students have ever done. Crystal Stewart, senior said: “I thought they did very well. Each group was very well prepared. Honestly, they could publicly speak better than I ever could in eighth grade. It was a pleasure that Mrs.Lazorik asked Tristan Warbalow, Lexi Armbruster and myself to come in and spectate. It was more professional than the presidential debates between Donald and Hillary.” Mrs. Lazorik told the students to dress for the occasion and present themselves as they would in front of adults. Mrs. Lazorik, English teacher said: “It is better to have public speaking experience on your side than having it going against you.”