One Quarter Down, Three More To Go


Morgan Rock

Myla Lahti, a sophomore, races to finish her Spanish 2 homework.

Morgan Rock, Reporter

With the beginning of November, comes the end of the first quarter here at South Shore. School starts in the fall on September 1st. All the summer fun and activities come to a halt and all the students and staff head back to Port Wing, WI. So far it has been a beautiful few months of fall, festivities, sports, and education. With the quarter ending on November 3rd, we will give you an idea of how this first quarter has gone so far at South Shore.

Some sports that started at the beginning of the quarter were high school volleyball, middle school girls’ basketball, high school boys soccer, and high school and middle school cross country. All the teams ended their seasons strong and had lots of fun playing and practicing throughout the quarter. To celebrate all these sports, there will be a Fall Sports Banquet on November 2nd, this Wednesday. Here the students eat dinner cooked by the cooks at South Shore and then the coaches present their team and the season.

So far this quarter, the Student Council has planned two events. The first event was the Fall Sports Fun Day. The students got split into teams to play soccer, football, and volleyball battling it out the first five class periods of the day. The event was a huge success with each game being very intense and close! They ended the extravaganza with a student vs staff volleyball game. The winner of the student tournament were the juniors. They played a nail-biting game against the staff team. The game ended in tie after a nerve-racking volley that lasted around twenty seconds long – a typical volley lasts eight seconds long.

Another event sponsored by the Student Council was the Halloween Costume Contest. Each student in 6th-12th grade could dress up as whatever they wanted for Halloween on October 31st, a Monday. They were judged by class effort and individual costumes. At the end of the day, for class competition the sophomores won 3rd, the 7th grade won 2nd, and the 6th grade won 1st. For individuals, Matt Knaack in 3rd with a Caesar costume, Saya Kangas in 2nd with a scarecrow costume, and Sawyer Schierman in 1st, dressing up as a bunch of grapes. The individual costumes won certificates to the school store.

Students and teachers will be cramming in every test, assignment, and grades they can get in before the end of the quarter. Eventually, the report cards will print out and be mailed home. It will either be a wonderful or terrible surprise for the parents! Good luck!