Off to the Tournaments


Rachael Teeter

The girls celebrate the win against Hurley.

Rylee Nicoletti

On Oct. 18th, the girls volleyball team will be starting the regional tournament, hoping to further their season. Their conference record so far is three wins to six loses. The girls took on the number three seed, Drummond, last night and won. This created a major upset.

The seeds are determined by a meeting set in October. Every team has the chance to argue their positioning based on their record and specifically each team they beat. After the meeting is over, the conference will be seeded and the lowest is put against the highest.

The season so far has been an incredible one. The conference record does not even come close to showing the improvement on the team. Coach Jodi Truchon comments on how the season has gone so far, “I am incredibly excited with every game on our continuous movement and passion.” The season has had its ups and downs, but over all the girls have done an amazing job. They are the number five seed in the conference.

The team will take on the No.4 seed, Bayfield, in the first round of regionals. Coach Truchon and the girls have discussed their goals for this game and what is needed to successfully take home the win. The coaches and girls agreed, “To be more effective in middle block coverage.” They are practicing this everyday hoping to move on to take on Mercer in their home court. Come support the team!