Wisconsin vs Michigan Tournament


Skyler Wade

South Shore volleyball team prepares for starting line-ups.

Morgan Rock, Reporter

Last weekend, Saturday the 8th, the high school girls’ volleyball team was invited to compete in a tournament. The tournament was hosted at the Hurley and Ironwood gyms. Most tournaments are only hosted at one gym, but this tournament was quite unique from the rest. The “Michigan” pool was hosted at the Ironwood Devils’ high school. The pool consisted of Ironwood, South Shore, Butternut, Chequamegon, and Wakefield-Marenesco. The pool was considered “Michigan” because the gym was in Michigan. The next pool was the Wisconsin pool. This pool was hosted at the Hurley Midget’s high school. The pool consisted of Mellen, Solon Springs, Hurley, Dollar Bay, and Lake Linden. Hurley’s high school is in Wisconsin, making it the Wisconsin pool. The ironic part about the two schools being different states is that they are about 15 minutes apart from each other.

The bus left the school at 6:15am and picked students up on the way. They arrived at Ironwood at 8:00am. The first game was at 9. The team played throughout the day against various teams. Every game was close and the team was fighting hard. The South Shore team ended up 4th out of the Michigan pool. At the same time the Michigan pool was playing in Ironwood, the Wisconsin pool was battling it out in Hurley. Once all teams played in their pool and determined their standings, they came to the Hurley game to play the championship round. Each place from the pools played the other. Since our team placed fourth, they played the fourth place from the Wisconsin pool. They had to play Hurley in a battle for fourth place title. The game was very close. Each set being within a few point differential. Hurley ended up winning in a nail biter. The team ended the tournament with 54 total kills, 37 digs, and with an overall average of 90% serving on the day. The South Shore team came home very proud of how hard they worked. They also enjoyed the Michigan vs Wisconsin aspect of the tournament.