Marching in the Apple Fest


Morgan Rock

Band practicing outside in the rain for Apple Fest. (Kenneth Botosh, Shauna Kavajecz, and Brendan Golly)

Every year there is a three day long Apple Festival on a weekend in the beginning of October. People come from all over to go to the Apple Fest. It takes place in Bayfield, WI. At the festival there is food vendors selling all of the delicious fair food that we all love. There is also apple everything!  The Apple Fest is not only people walking around buying food. There is also events happening during the whole weekend. On Sunday, October 9, 2016 South Shore band marched in the Apple Fest parade along with many other schools and floats.

South Shore played Journey’s, Don’t Stop Believin’ and Elle King’s Ex’s and O’s. They march down the streets of Bayfield playing both songs multiple times so everyone has a chance to hear them. Lizzy Kobie said “I thought is was good. We never messed up enough to where we had to scramble to get back together. But, I was in the back so I could not hear everything that was going on.” South Shore over all had a great performance.  On a great day. The weather was nice. It was sunny and chilly, but not cold. Perfect for movement.

There was one mistake made by the South Shore Band but, it was nothing to harm their performance. Bjorn Branham’s harness for his drum broke. It did not harm the performance because Nikki Kavajecz the choir teacher, walked backwards carrying his drum so that he could still play.