Fall Sports Fun Day


Rachael Teeter

Steven Kavajecz about to spike Dallas William’s set in the Battle of the Sexes volleyball game.

Morgan Rock, Reporter

Fall is a beautiful time of the year. The air gets cool and crisp, leaves change to vibrant colors, and school starts. Along with fall and school starting, comes fall sports! There are four different sports that occur during the fall here at South Shore; junior and senior high school cross country, high school girls’ volleyball, middle school girls’ basketball, middle school and high school boys’ football, and high school boys’ soccer.

To celebrate these sports, every year at the end of fall South Shore dedicates one day to honor the sports. On October 14th, a Friday we will be having what we call our “Fall Sports Fun Day”. The student council organizes with the teachers to have 1st-5th hour to play the games. We will begin by having an assembly in the high school gym. The assembly is for recognizing and honoring each sport by having the coaches talk about their season. The coaches then ask the athletes on their team to join them on the floor. After the assembly, the games begin. Football and soccer are the first games that will be played. The classes are combined in two’s strategically to make the teams fair. Football and soccer will be going on at the same time. Once each team has played each other we will move onto volleyball. Inside the individual classes will battle it out in a tournament bracket. Each class will play till they lose. The final class will have the opportunity to play the staff team. The staff team vs the student team will be the championship game to conclude the fun day. After the games are all over, the students will go to lunch and then continue with their normal schedule.

The Fall Sports Fun Day is a great opportunity for students to try new sports, learn to work with others, and to just have fun! It also is a wonderful way to appreciate each fall sport and the effort it takes the athletes. We hope everyone enjoys their fun day! And we also thank the staff and school board for allowing us to do fun activities like this. Go Big Red!