The First and the Last!


Rachael Teeter on the home stretch.

Heather Ranta, Reporter

On October 6, 2016 South Shore hosted a home cross country meet at the Northern Pines Golf Course. They have had the South Shore home meet at Northern Pines for the past two years. They only have one home meet a year. This year South Shore hosted Bayfield, Butternut, Hurley, LCA, LCO, Mellen, Mercer, Solon Springs, Washburn, Gogebic, Ashland, and North Star Academy. The meet had both middle school and high school runners of both genders. The South Shore team has six middle school girls, six middle school boys, two high school girls, and five high school boys. Rachael Teeter was the only high school girl runner who participated in the meet last night because Emma Ostrenga has a knee injury. Even though South Shore did not win first place, they all worked really hard. Hayden Suo even expelled his excess edibles mid way through the race.

It was the perfect day for a cross country meet. The weather was nice, though it got kind of chilly towards the end. The chill at the end was probably nice for the hot runners. Northern Pines was a great place to have the meet. The runners said that it did not have too much of a slope, so it was an easy course. The runners even ran in the woods for a little while. Northern Pines is only 22 miles away from South Shore. Some of the meets that South Shore attends are 113 miles away making it hard for parents to come watch.

There were many parents at the meet to watch their athletes. In fact it was hard to find parking there were so many people there. Cross country is one of the most supporting sporting events I have been to. There was no unsportsmanlike chanting. There were just people cheering on the teams, or individuals. You would even hear students from different schools cheering each other on. I have been two both of the home cross country meets at Northern Pines. Both years the parking lot was full and people were cheering on their opponents.

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