Giving to the Givers


Brigid Ripley

2015-2016 School Store managers present their check to the Community Caring Group. Left to Right: Austyn Lovejoy, Saya Kangas, Karen Anderson, Tiiara Lahti, Sara Kangas & Jill Corr

Signe Branham, Reporter

Last year, the school store made more than they expected.  This is thanks to the students and staff who support them by purchasing snacks everyday.  All of the purchases – even the 25 cent purchases – are appreciated. With a profit nearing $800, the 2015-16 store managers, Saya Kangas, Sara Kangas, Tiiara Lahti, and Austyn Lovejoy, were honored with the ability to give back to those who have been contributing to our community for years.  They donated $500, which was split evenly between two worthy groups: the South Shore Community Caring Group, who makes the quilts for the seniors, and Families in Need, an internal organization that helps families who are less fortunate.  When asked why they chose these particular groups to give back to, store manager Sara Kangas responded, “We chose the Community Group because they spend a lot of time on the quilts for the seniors,” while her sister and fellow manager, Saya Kangas replied, “Families are always in need.  It’s always good to help them.”

On September 28th, members Karen Anderson and Jill Corr of the Community Caring Group came to the school to meet with the store managers and receive their check.  They brought with them some of the projects that they do, to show the managers where their generous financial donation would be spent.  Besides the quilts for the seniors, the Community Caring Group also makes Quilts of Valor for the veterans, pillowcases for children who are in the hospital, and suitcases for children in foster care, just to name a few.  All of these projects are costly, which makes donations even more important to this non-profit organization.  Recycled materials are often utilized in order for these projects to become a reality.  Using everything from old flannel sheets to men’s shirts, the Community Caring Group reuses whatever materials they can get their hands on.

Groups like the Community Caring Group are what make the South Shore such a great place to live.  They, and many other organizations like them, spend their time trying to make the world a better place.  Giving something back to them is just one way to make the circle of caring keep going around.