Free Can be Better!


Chalee Luzzatto holding fresh picked carrots.

Not only do the students enrolled in South Shore get free food, but they also get fresh food.  A high tunnel is a hoop greenhouse or semi-circle. In 2014 South Shore received a high tunnel from the USDA grant. Ever since, they have been growing vegetables. Some of the vegetables even make it on the student’s trays during lunch! Every year the produce is planted by the students. They are carefully tended to by Ms. Hoagland, Mrs. Mcknight, and the students. In the summer they are watched over by volunteers. “I would like to see kids more active in it during the summer” said Ms. Hoagland. When the plants are fully grown they are picked by the students. It is a learning experience that also provides a healthy snack.

The original purpose of the high tunnel was to encourage students to grow crops for profit as a “Agripreneur”. A made up word combining agriculture and entrepreneurs. Last year the high tunnel made about $600 selling the produce. This year money was not the goal. They are trying to put as much produce into our meals as possible. So far they have been succeeding at their goal. Many pounds of food has been put on students trays from the high tunnel.