Battle of the Sexes Volleyball Game


Morgan Rock

At one of the many practice match-ups, Hayden Suo goes up for the spike against the girls team.

On Oct. 5th 2016, the class of 2017 is hosting a battle of the sexes volleyball game. The game will be held in the High School Gym with official refs and line judges. Admission is a free-will donation for all. Warm-ups will begin at 5 at night and the game will commence at approximately 5:30. The teams will be our own high school girls volleyball team versus the “Men’s High School Dream Team.”

The boys versus girls rivalry has been going on for months. These teams battle it out during gym class, lunch time recess, and even free time in the gym. The senior boys want to put an end to this rivalry once and for all, but that’s not the only goal of the game. It is also to support the team’s fundraiser for breast cancer. The admission will be donated to this cause. The girls hope to raise $3,000 dollars to be donated to the Bernadette Gustafson-Klobucher Memorial and will be raised in honor of her as well as Shelly Wilcox.

We would all like to see you come and support the team and breast cancer awareness while also enjoying an entertaining game of volleyball! The girls team would also like to thank everyone who has helped so far!

The roster for the night:

Dream Team

-Tristan Warbalow, Senior

-Hayden Suo, Senior

-Roger Branham, Senior

-Dallas Williams, Junior

-Austin Tetting, Junior

-Steven Kavajecz, Sophomore

Girls Team

-Crystal Stewert, Senior

-Heather Ranta, Junior

-Rylee Nicoletti, Sophomore

-Morgan Rock, Sophomore

-Myla Lahti, Sophomore

-Sara Kangas, Freshman