In The End Zone


Rylee Nicoletti

Connor Sorenson waits to receive the football.

Morgan Rock, Reporter

Football is a widely-known and loved sport. Many people know when fall comes, so does football season. Here at South Shore, football is a very appreciated sport. Lots of students create their own fantasy football leagues, watch NFL games, and even play in gym class or with their friends. The only student who actually plays on the team, however, is Connor Sorenson, a junior.

The school co-ops with Washburn and Bayfield to create one team. All practices and home games are at the Washburn school. Connor has to drive there everyday for practice in order to participate. Practice started on August 1st. Their practices consisted of intense conditioning the first month. The practices were a grueling 4 hours. The practices, from start to finish, began with conditioning, then individual offense work, followed by team offense, more conditioning and then a 20 minute break. After the break they continued with the same work, focusing on defense. Although the practices seem strenuous, it all goes towards getting better both individually and as a team.

The first game was on August 19th, against Hurley. They did not win the game, but played hard. They won their first game against Shell Lake, 22-20. This week is their homecoming week. There will be a homecoming celebration Friday, the 30th. All players go to Washburn to participate in a pep rally that honors all fall sports. After the pep rally, the football team creates their own float and takes part in a parade. The team then begins to prepare for their home game. They will be playing Flambeau this Friday night – September 30 – for homecoming. As the season is coming to an end and they only have 3 games left, the team hopes to get “in the end zone” lots for the end of their season. Good luck to Connor Sorenson and the rest of the WBS Football team on the rest of your season!