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Summer Pay Day!
March 15, 2017

Brigid J. Ripley

The Senior Class: Tianna Carpenter, Tristan Warbalow, Kira Waters, Emma Ostrenga, Rachael Teeter, Kenneth Botosh, Crystal Stewart, Shauna Kavajecz and Lexi Armbruster thank you, in advance, for your support and generosity.

Starting last year as juniors, we made apple pies as a way to make some money for the class. Hard work got us a long way. We spent two days making the pies and sold 100 whole pies! This year we would like to sell just as many, if not more.

This year we have a pre-order sheet for the anyone who absolutely wants to guarantee they’ll get one. If you want a pie make sure you pre-order as they sell very fast because they are so delicious. Mr. Tribys, our social studies teacher at South Shore and a member of the community bought some pies from our class last year. “They are simply amazing, not too sweet and perfectly tart. They are truly delicious pies.” Pies are selling for $10.00 per pie and are well worth the expense as each are eight inches.

Our class is fundraising to raise money for graduation, the senior banquet and our class trip. Don’t forget to¬†pre-order your pies! If you don’t want to pre order, you can talk to a member of the senior class in person or send us an email. Our class would like to thank the amazing community for your continued support. Without you, we wouldn’t have sold very many pies.