Be Aware, Wash With Care!

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Summer Pay Day!
March 15, 2017

Brigid J. Ripley

Sophia Nollet washing her hands in the new sink

Schools are just like students; they are constantly evaluating and changing. The third week of school brought an exciting and welcomed change to the elementary. Since the beginning, there have been a comprehensive list of changes ranging from outdoor activities to new bathroom equipment.

Bathrooms all have the same function but can vary in their appearance. The elementary bathrooms are pretty different from the ones located in the middle and high school. While the high school have individual sinks in the bathrooms, the elementary has one exterior sink in between the two bathrooms. An exterior makes a lot of sense for the elementary because the students are learning the importance of washing hands and the proper technique that includes how much time, water, soap and how much towel for drying. Having a sink on the outside affords the teachers the opportunity to teach this important skill. The elementary got a new sink over the weekend.They got a new sink because the old one didn’t work all that well.┬áThe students are pretty enthusiastic about the new change. In fact, Shaliyah Lovejoy, a 4th grader, expressed great appreciation for the new addition. “I love that we can wash our hands [properly]; the old sink used to shoot out and spray everywhere.” All the students really like and appreciate the changes the school has been making for their benefit and well being.