Clean Sweep!


Tianna Carpenter

Roger Branham giving his speech

Heather Ranta

On September 18, 2016 Roger Branham got in front of the middle school and high school to give a speech. He was running for student body president. Everyone already knew who was going to win. Roger was the only one in the running. Roger gave a short introduction to the school as his speech. When Mr.Gustafson told Roger to get back in front of the school to give more of a speech  Roger had the other half speech jokes and about spirit week. The school got a little jumpy because everyone was being silly. In the end Roger’s speech was helpful for his campaign because everyone was laughing and having fun. Roger does not quite know what he wants his legacy to be. We will have to wait to see what he has up his sleeves. His goal for the year is to make sure everything that student council wants will get done. 

The following day voting took place during the lunch period. Luke Zupke was the person watching the ballot box. He made sure that each person only voted one time. Luke’s time was very appreciated. After the voting when the calculations were in, Roger had won by a long shot. Congratulations Roger Branham!

Now that South Shore has their student body president the student council can start making plans for the year to come. So far they have already started planning the first spirit week. They have not decided a date yet.