“Goals” for the Season


Heather Ranta

Bjorn Branham, number 15, throws the ball back into play.

Morgan Rock, Reporter

This year South Shore has brought a new sport to our school. South Shore is mainly known for having the main sport base; basketball, track & field, cross country, and volleyball. The school has tried to do sport collaborations with surrounding schools. For football, South Shore is part of a co-op with Washburn and Bayfield. For track the school co-ops with Washburn to create one joint team. Adding another co-op sport to the list this year is soccer.

Soccer isn’t the most popular sport here at South Shore, but it is well known that there is interest in the sport from some students. The school decided to go out of their way to make it possible for those students to participate. Boys’ soccer is a fall sport that is now apart of our sports’ program. Bjorn Branham, a freshman, is our only boys’ soccer participate this year. Bjorn and his family have been playing soccer since they were young. Bjorn and his siblings, Roger and Signe Branham, have been playing in various tournaments and clubs since they were young. They all love the sport, but when they got older the opportunities to play started to diminish. The school has now opened a brand new opportunity for them to play the sport they love. Roger Branham, a senior, does not participate on a soccer team, but still loves playing soccer in gym class and when he can. Signe Branham, a junior, is planning on playing girls’ soccer this spring, as well as participating in track and field simultaneously.

The soccer team is a co-op with Washburn. They started their first practice on August the 15th. The team has played seven games total so far. They won two games, and tied two games. The rest of their games were losses. Bjorn expressed that he is proud with how the season is going so far, compared to last year when they had barely any wins. He likes the co-op since he has been playing with the Washburn boys since he was six years old. Bjorn loves to play soccer because he thinks it is a fun sport. We wish him luck on the rest of his season!