One Step Closer to Nashville!


Rylee Nicoletti

The South Shore band shows their appreciation for funds generously donated to sponsor their trip to a music themed location in the U.S. Back Row: Aurora Grant, Hayden Suo, Brendan Golly, Holden Suo, Ryan Durst, Jodi Truchon, Karleen Tjempkema, Tom Tjempkema, Nicole Kavajecz, Sawyer Schierman, Douglas Hipsher, Jenna Thompson & Signe Branham Middle Row: Kenneth Botosh, Myla Lahti, Tiiara Lahti, Searra Frostman, Emma Ostrenga, Shauna Kavajecz, Elizabeth Kobie, Bjorn Branham, Jason Rusfeldt & Luke Zupke Front Row: Sara Kangas, Saya Kangas, Crystal Stewert & Austyn Lovejoy

Rylee Nicoletti, Reporter

On Sept. 13th, 2016, the South Shore High School band, director Nicole Kavajecz and teacher Jodi Truchon accepted a check from Tom and Karleen Tjempkema on behalf of the South Shore community band.

For the past couple years, the community band has been donating to support the band. They have been doing this to fund the band’s biannual educational trip and to give back. Every Thursday throughout the summer, the band practiced for their performances which were held once a month at the end. At each performance a community member would donate ice cream to serve at intermission.  The cold snacks gave people a chance to socialize and enjoy some sweet treats. Spectators would then give a free will donation for the ice cream.  That free will donation has certainly helped the band get one step closer to Nashville, the destination for this year’s trip to a music themed locale to enhance students’ learning.

The band includes many community members, our own staff members as well our own students. One student, a junior Jason Rusfeldt comments, “It was something entertaining to do in the summer and it really helped my band skills for the school year.” We would like to thank everyone who donated and contributed!