Movin’ The Middle School

Lilian Truchon & Iris Rosenwinkel hit the books in a new environment.

Rachael Teeter, Reporter

South Shore has seen a lot of changes this year; one of the biggest changes is moving the sixth grade from the elementary to the middle school. The move has understandably affected multiple areas including scheduling and structure.

Everyone can attest that scheduling can sometimes be a nightmare — family dinners, holidays, ect. —  and adding an additional 14 students to program for the year was no different.  Previously, Mr. Tiberg taught fourth grade exclusively, but with the new scheduling, he now spends the majority of his time with the sixth grade and only has the fourth grade for one class period. The scheduling change not only affects staff and teachers, it also affects the students. In previous years the senior class would leave for lunch early, now the junior class joins them. The time period for lunch has not increased, but since the amount of students has, the earlier lunch time for juniors ensures that everyone gets to eat in the allotted time.

 contrast to the elementary school, middle school is a big change. One has new responsibilities, teachers, and settings. The middle school now has its own student council, advised by Mr. Tiberg.  Prior to the move, grades 7-12 were in one student council.  Some drastic changes for the sixth graders, personally, is having lockers and needing to move from class to class.  “You have more choices to do stuff,” recalls Nolan Leskela.  “It’s a lot better though, because we have a break in between every class; we don’t have to sit in a desk for four hours.  We get to have a little walk break between hours,” says Conner Helenius, who clearly appreciates the move.  Welcome to the big league, sixth graders!