Go for the Gold

Brigid J. Ripley


Brigid J. Ripley

From the youngest to the oldest, South Shore students and staff celebrate their strengths in a Go for the Gold ceremony.

Crystal Stewart, Editor-in-Chief

What happened to South Shore? The 2016-2017 school year might be new, but there are some amazing changes. The staff had gotten together during June at a workshop with the intention of brainstorming ideas for supporting more active and ready to learn students. The staff spent four days deciding what to do and when to do it. They put in their own time for the students at South Shore. South Shore’s staff are no different than teachers the world over – they want to see their students succeed. They are, however, extremely talented and committed to this goal and their suggestions for how to make sure all students are engaged and dedicated was to incorporate some fun & helpful changes.

The first notable change was the introduction of a theme. The school’s theme this year is “Go for the Gold.” Students in each grade K-12 had a flag ceremony. The students created a flag that explains their class. After the students created their flags, they walked around the track presenting them. The ceremony was complete with sunny skies and Olympic themed music. “Truthfully, I liked watching the other flags,” recalled Gracelyn Lovejoy, a 5th grader, echoing other student’s thoughts on the ceremony.

The school’s theme this year is “ Go for the Gold.” Whether it is academics, sports or just congenial conversation, the new initiatives are designed to increase brain activity and help boost test scores. It is proven that when you do physical activity you will learn better. That is why the staff is having the classes participate in this event.

Other changes the school has made is our Weekly Wednesday Walks. Every Wednesday students in grades 6 through 12 will head outdoors – weather permitting – for a 20 minute walk – 10 minutes out and 10 minutes back – down to Lake Superior and back.  In an effort not to disrupt any given class too many times the time switches every week. One week it will be 8th hour, the next week it will be 7th and so on. This is to get the students out of the classrooms they have to sit in all day. It is so everyone can get some fresh air.

Another related change this year is the Drop-Everything-And-Jam or DEJA sessions, a five minute movement break that will be held at the beginning of 3rd hour and again at the beginning of 8th hour. This will help the students get the blood flowing. The staff wanted the students to do this to get their brain ready to learn. The teacher/staff might have students do yoga, dancing, or whatever gets the students up and moving.

The changes are amazing at South Shore. It is incredible that our wonderful staff thinks about the well being of the adolescents. Here’s to the new changes at South Shore. GO CARDINALS!