New Beginnings


Heather Ranta, Reporter

The students at South Shore started school on Thursday, September 1st. When they arrived at school they received a few new surprises. Not only had the enrollment increase but South Shore also added some new equipment.

The changes took place during the summer when students were off pursuing personal agendas. South Shore now has unisex bathrooms in addition to a new look for the locker rooms. There are now new lockers, changing rooms and semi-private shower stalls! But wait!  The changes don’t stop there. An automatic water bottle filler was installed in the commons.  The same model can often be seen in local universities and other up-to-date buildings.  Already within the first week, the water bottle filler has eliminated over 200 plastic water bottles from waste lands! Everyone appreciates being provided with hands-free, cold water for all practices and games.

New equipment wasn’t limited to shared spaces.  Some classrooms got an upgrade as well.  Students in Desktop Publishing and History classes can now work on the new Macs. In the elementary, some of the rooms got new furniture including shelves, chairs and tables. In both the third, fourth, and the fifth grade classrooms chairs that rock were purchased so that the students do not lean back – it was problem prior to roll out of the new chairs. “I like them. They are curved so that you can sit backwards,” said fifth grader Sarena Kobie.

South Shore is new and improved. They were glad to see the new students and the returning students welcoming them to the start of the 2016-2017 school year.