On The Map!

Edited by Brigid J. Ripley


Kevin Kavajecz

Coach Tiberg, Alyssa Kavajecz & Coach Marincel

Brigid J. Ripley, Adviser

Echoing previous sentiments, South Shore may be small, but once again, they are the talk of the town.  The State track meet was held in La Crosse, WI June 3-4th at the Veterans Memorial Field Sports Complex at the university.  Alyssa Kavajecz, recently graduated but still committed to her team and Tristin Wilcox, a sophomore, made the four hour journey south with Coaches Marincel and Tiberg.

South Shore is a Division 3 school.  Kavajecz competed in girls high jump.  There were 16 athletes who were vying for state champion.  With a sense of déjà vu, the competition came down to Alyssa and Raelin Sorenson.  Sorenson and Kavajecz went head-to-head twice before with Sorenson beating Alyssa both times, once at the first meet of the season and once at conferences.  Third time’s the charm, however, failed.  Raelin Sorenson of Unity jumped well but not well enough; Alyssa left Sorenson back at 5’4″.  Alyssa cleared 5’4″ and as the winner, had the option of asking for the bar to be raised an additional inch.  Being the unstoppable force who broke South Shore’s previous record, she did just that.  There was absolutely no doubt that Alyssa had the skill and determination to clear 5’5″ and when the bar was still in place after she sailed over, her personal best of 5’4″ increased and the month old record at South Shore was again broken.  The state record in division 3 high jump of 5’9″ is shared by three girls: Lisa Townsend, Elk Mound (1992), Kate Juedes, Clear Lake (1998) and Rachel Melum, Iola-Scandinavia (2009).  Alyssa’s performance at State elevated her into the elite group of South Shore athletes to win an event at State, something that hasn’t been achieved since 1994 when Mandy Jensen ran :13.07 in the 100 m dash.  The state record for division 3 100 meter dash was set by Chelsey Simon from Whitehall in 2009 who ran :12.20.  The 1990s, in fact, were a great year for South Shore athletes at State.  Just a year earlier, in 1993, Jon Hill threw 168’5″ in discus.  The state record for boys discus was set in 2012 by Zach Blahnik from Algoma who threw 175’6″. In 1990 Jeremie Johnson ran 16:28 in cross country.

Tristin Wilcox made his first appearance at State in track and field.  He did not disappoint, making the podium in triple jump.  At the spring awards banquet, Coach Marincel commented that Tristin was a natural athlete and made the jumps look effortless.  Indeed, that intrinsic talent served him well down south.  Tristin finished 5th in the triple jump competing against 16 other athletes from around the state.  He jumped 42’1.25″ which was slightly over 3 feet off winner and 2015 State champion Alex Idonije from Wayland Academy who jumped 45’10.5″.  The State record for division 3 boys triple jump is held by Darren Cole from Wayland Academy (2004) who jumped 47’3.25″.  Wilcox made the finals in the long jump but finished 11th, jumping 19’10”.  Alex Idonije also won the long jump, finishing with a jump of 21’10.75″.  The division 3 state champion in long jump is Bria Halama from Independence/Gilmanton in 2011 who jumped 38’5″.

Congratulations, Alyssa and Tristin!  We are proud of you!