Juggle It!

Brigid J. Ripley


Brigid J. Ripley

Bob & Trish Evans invite some brave soles from the audience to participate in their performance. Nathaniel Spuhler, Amanda Lemler & Lily & John Truchon took absolutely no encouragement, readily agreeing to take on the dangerous mission!

Brigid J. Ripley, Adviser

Juggling phenoms Trish and Bob Evans visited South Shore on Thursday evening, June 02, 2016.  Their performance was on behalf of the music department, who is in their fundraising cycle for the next trip.  Details for the trip are still pending, but tentatively, the destination has been set for Nashville, legendary for country music.  Thanks very much to the generous PTO, who sponsored their act.

Trish and Bob “learned together when we were engaged.”  Both jugglers are in tip-top shape, being athletes dating back to their high school days when Trish played basketball for Northwestern and Bob, who grew up in the Milwaukee area, played basketball.  It was a match made in heaven when they met in college at Michigan Tech where they continued participating in sports, including running, cross country skiing and basketball.  Once college and the sports ended, however, the active couple sought other forms of activities, trying their hand at ballroom dancing and water polo, just to name a few.  Needless to say, the juggling stuck.  After nine years, they have perfected their craft, delivering a jaw-dropping performance that includes acrobatic and dancing routines to compliment their skill juggling balls, rings and even knives!

“They were awesome!” said Amanda Lemler, who is up for the week, visiting her grandmother.  Indeed, the performance was unbelievable.  The talented couple are both educators and currently, they are working for an  international school.  They have been traveling overseas for several years, having completed a 2 year stint in South Korea.  While vacating in Thailand, the duo fell in love with the country and recently signed a two year contract to teach there.  Trish teaches math and Bob teaches physical education.  They are in between jobs right now – one ended in March and the other starts in August – and they aren’t taking quiet refuge somewhere.  Oh no, this dynamic duo are out and about, traveling and entertaining audiences throughout the U.S.  In April, they were out in L.A.  and last weekend they were in Maine.  Mostly, however, when they do perform live, they stay local, visiting Michigan, Minnesota and Illinois.  South Shore is certainly honored to have internationally acclaimed artists take time out of their busy schedule to perform for us.  Thank you, Bob and Trish!

Learn more or follow Bob and Trish by visiting their website http://www.bobandtrish.com/

They also have a youtube channel which can be viewed at  https://www.youtube.com/user/bobandtrishjuggling