Seniors Honored

Brigid J. Ripley


Brigid J. Ripley

South Shore 2016 graduates & local leaders gather for a night of recognition & awards. Back Row: Mike Jahn, Desarae Sipsas, Morgan Sorenson, Caitlyn Thompson, Casey Nicoletti, Adam Ranta, Colt Crum, Zachary Hipsher, Cole Lovejoy, Russell Bailey, Katy Kangas, Ceil Held, Sharon Graham, Joe Bailey, Rock Martell, Carri Hoagland, Willard Ogren, Jeri Ogren, Patt Hall & Jill Corr Front Row: Joan Anderson, Peggy Hagstrom, Austin Talso, Kellie Rock, Jacqueline Jones, Alyssa Kavajecz, Shirley Nelson, Laurie Perkins, Jodi Truchon & Beth Hoagland

Brigid J. Ripley, Adviser

Money, money, money!  For a senior graduating from high school and planning on pursuing additional schooling, they are expected to pay a hefty price tag.  On average, four-year, public institutions will charge approximately $9,000 for in-state students and almost $24,000 for out-of-state students.  It is even pricier for those students who are considering a private college: $32,000. And that’s just for the tuition and fees.  There’s also room, board, meal plans and incidentals.

South Shore students have the benefit and privilege, then, of going to a school where the alumni, community and local businesses place so much pride and emphasis on continuing education.  This year, the graduating class of 2016 received approximately $40,000 in scholarships.  In other words, free money!

On the evening of May 11, 2016, the graduates re-entered the school, this time to attend an awards ceremony, sponsored by the senior class but held in their honor.  The panel of presenters who donated their time to speak to the students and give the scholarships, praised the students for their hard work, time and commitment, commenting that the caliber of the applicants frequently made a tough decision that much more difficult.  Jill Corr, Pat Hall, Joan Anderson and Peggy Hagstrom of the Community Caring group presented every single graduate with a homemade quilt, doing their best to fulfill the students’ favorite colors.  Joe and Russell Bailey, Rock Martell, Shirley Nelson, Mike Jahn, Sherre Collins, Katy Kangas, Ceil Held, Sharon Graham, Willard and Jeri Ogren, Beth and Carri Hoagland, Jodi Truchon and Laurie Perkins were all exceedingly gracious in their accolades of the 2016 senior class and wished them well in all future endeavors.  The seniors, in turn, expressed their gratitude for the financial support and well wishes by providing dinner.  Special thanks also to Linda Moe and Linda Gustafson for putting in extra hours creating the meal, Diana Reijo for her creative skill with the scholarship awards and to Linda Kavajecz, Diane Kavajecz and Darla Lahti for providing technical know-how on the set-up and granting access to decorations.

The following is a break down of who received what scholarship:

1. American Legion – Dylan Durst, Alyssa Kavajecz & Morgan Sorenson
2. Bayfield Electric – Cole Lovejoy
3. Bechtel – Caitlyn Thompson
4. Beeksma Memorial – Morgan Sorenson
5. Bernie Gustafson Memorial – Zach Hipsher, Casey Nicoletti & Caitlyn Thompson
6. Community Caring Group (quilts) – All graduates
7. Erica Hoagland-Simpson Memorial – Cole Lovejoy
8. Fish Boil  – Alyssa Kavajecz, Morgan Sorenson & Caitlyn Thompson
9. Herbster Community Club – Alyssa Kavajecz & Casey Nicoletti
10. Iron River Co-op – Casey Nicoletti & Kellie Rock
11. Iron River Rebekah Lodge – Alyssa Kavajecz
12. Midland Services, Inc. – Dylan Durst
13. Monday Evening Club – Alyssa Kavajecz
14. Our Savior’s Lutheran Church-Merv Lindelof Memorial – Zach Hipsher & Austin Talso
15. Ruel Fleming Memorial – Dylan Durst
16. Rozz Wilcox Memorial –  Cole Lovejoy
17. Julia Sauvola Memorial – Kellie Rock
18. South Shore Alumni – Zach Hipsher, Kellie Rock, Morgan Sorenson & Caitlyn Thompson
19. South Shore Music Department  – Alyssa Kavajecz & Jackie Jones
20. South Shore Lions – Kellie Rock & Caitlyn Thompson
21. Susie Jahn Memorial – Alyssa Kavajecz
22. Town of Tripp – Zach Hipsher, Cole Lovejoy, Casey Nicoletti & Kellie Rock
23. Willard & Jeri Ogren – Alyssa Kavajecz & Zach Hipsher