Mystery Solved!


Casey Nicoletti

Can you solve it? Quinn Soltis, Taylor Nicoletti, Hayden Suo, Signe Branham, Mrs. Lallemont, Mari Green, Ida Ward York, Austyn Lovejoy & Sara Kangas ponder the mystery while Alyssa Kobie actively searches for clues. The Cat, played by Doug Hipsher, keeps an eye on the whole crew.

Brigid J. Ripley

Brigid J. Ripley, Adviser

April was a bit of a mystery in 2016, given the snow storms which resulted in a canceled school day as well as an early release.  But it was rather fitting given the name of the play the South Shore drama club presented – Mystery on 13th Street.  It was due to the inclement weather which resulted in the Saturday dinner theater performance being the first time the cast had done a live performance in front of people.  Not an ideal situation, especially for such a young cast.  But other circumstances, one of which saw director and behind-the-scenes-extraordinaire Lallemont up on stage, eased pre-show jitters.  She assured the audience before the opening act that if anyone were to forget their lines, it would probably be she.

This year, the students chose Mystery On 13th Street for their performance and Lallemont was quite shocked, having included it in the choices as an after thought.  But who could go wrong with a play that had a portrait of a cat with moving eyes?  Well, it certainly wasn’t this cast.  They delivered purr-fectly!  Quinn Soltis kept the community club, lead by Taylor Nicoletti on their toes, demanding action and perfection while Signe Branham, who played the part of clever genius Franklin, was instrumental in helping solve the puzzle of the missing members.  Maggie Ostrenga, who claims that her being lazy gave her a leg up on the role of lazy maid Missy, certainly did the role proud, delivering lines filled with exasperation and annoyance, while Jason Rusfeldt impressively filled the role of Herbert, the creepy butler, appearing out of thin air from around corners and behind walls.  The triplets – played by Ida Ward York, Austyn Lovejoy and Mari Greene – kept the audience entertained finishing each other’s thoughts appearing as a matching set.  Lilly Tapani, Matthew Knaack and Leevi Tapani spooked community club members and audience alike with their ghost costumes.  Hayden Suo pined after Gloria –  played convincingly by Sara Kangas – and her pretty yellow hair bow, even when he thought she had been turned into a cat!  Snoopy, played by Alyssa Kobie, was a sleuth and instrumental in making sure the audience knew the eyes in the cat portriat were moving, managed to keep the “cat,” played by Doug Hipsher, on his toes.  Errr…would it be claws?  The Von Drugen family – Saya Kangas, Conner Helenius, Izzy Rantala and Andi Riddle – kept the audience guessing: were they harmless or menacing?  Guess you’ll just have to see for yourself!  Watch the play, in its entirety!

As with any big production, there are always lots of people behind the scenes who volunteer their time.  Special thanks to the following individuals:

Dinner Theater Crew: Lynda Nedden-Durst, Erica Suo, Jody Hipsher, Jennifer & Rob Schierman, Cindy Knapp, Holden Suo, Tyler Tichenor, Hunter Schierman, Sawyer Schierman & ADK Teacher Sorority.

Tickets/Hostess: Julie Branham & Sue Ostrenga

Concessions: Dani Kobie

Costumes/Props: Beth Hanson-Love &Rachel Makarral

Make-up/hair: Angela Lutz

Sound: Jodi Truchon & Cole Lovejoy

Lights: Luke Zupke & Caleb Lallemont

Co Director: Tonya Koehler

Set Design: Tyger Leveque & Sharon Graham

Backstage: Sabrina Hahn, Iris Rosenwinkel, Doug Hipsher & Richard Love

Publicity: Brigid J. Ripley, Sara Kangas & Sue Ostrenga

Poster Design: Ida York, Alyssa Kobie &Quinn Soltis

Congratulations, cast and crew, for another stellar performance!