Jump Rope for Heart!

Lexi Armbruster & Tianna Carpenter and Edited by Emma Winge


Lexi Armbruster

Peggy Golly and Jacob Nollet collaborate to run the rope while Landon Smith jumps to some tunes. All to support South Shore’s efforts to raise money to give to the American Heart Association.

Emma Winge, Photography Editor

This year, the South Shore Elementary participated in Jump Rope for Heart on March 30th and raised a total of $3,590.75 .  “I was really proud of them.  That’s a lot for our little community,” Mr. Marincel explained.    Of the grand total, $2,710.75 was raised in cash and checks, $830.00 was donated online and the school matched $50.00.  They had a lot of fun jumping rope, doing the Macarena, and the Limbo during their two hours in the gym.  “It was really fun to be able to jump rope with my friends, knowing that we’re doing a good thing,” Carter Lulich, a fifth grader recalled.

As with any event, there are always lots of people who work tirelessly to make it run smoothly.  Many thanks go out to volunteers including Peggy Golly and Colleen Greene who twirled and jumped with the best of them, Linda Moe from the kitchen who organized the nutritional support of bananas and water for the participants and Jodi Truchon who provided music.  Additionally, every one of the elementary teachers collaborated to keep everyone on-task and in-line.  “I got on the mic and turned it over to Becci to lead the Macarena.  They [the students] screamed and lined up right away,”  Marincel expressed gratitude for everyone who participated.  And of course, just because the music had died down, didn’t mean the work followed suit.  Quite the opposite, in fact.  Linda Kavajecz spent about two days tallying donations and organizing said support.  The event, however, never would have gotten off the ground had it not been for the support and guidance of Summer Hagey, South Shore’s contact and liaison at America Heart, who spoke with the students and helped set up and organize the event.   Certainly 2016 Jump Rope For Heart will be one for the books.  Congratulations to all involved!