On Your Mark, Get Set, JUMP!


Brigid J. Ripley

Elementary students prepare for their Jump Rope for Heart event March 30.

Cassy Lind, Business Editor

Jump Rope for Heart is once again coming to South Shore. The event is a way for the American Heart Association to bring awareness to the issue of heart disease, raise money and encourage youth to get serious about their own health. “A lot of it hits home because I think we all – and they all – know somebody that’s had some type of heart problem,” said gym instructor Marincel. ┬áStudents in first through sixth are participating in this fundraising activity, which culminates in a two hour jump off March 30th, from 1:00 – 3:00. Parents are welcome to join their students in the elementary gym.

The event promises to be quite fun complete with a dj, water donated by Pepsi and bananas by Healthy Food and Nutrition. Students are grouped by grade level and at least one person in their group must remain jumping at all times.  Students have been working extremely hard to prepare for this event, jumping once a week since the end of February.

If people are interested in donating they may do so by visiting a participating student’s webpage or giving a participating student cash as all students have an envelope where they write down every donation they receive. South Shore has long been a supporter of the American Heart Association, participating in the Jump Rope for Heart for roughly 12 years. ┬áMarincel, who organizes each event, doesn’t set a goal. “I never set a goal but we always seem to surpass what we did the year before. The last time we did Jump Rope for Heart, we raised $3,000.”