The Last Hurrah


Brigid J. Ripley

Adam Ranta & Connor Sorenson team up to keep the ball in play.

Morgan Sorenson, Reporter/ Photographer/ Senior Section Editor

The South Shore High School boys basketball season came to an end on Tuesday, March 2nd.

The boys traveled to Northwoods High School in Minong to take on the Evergreens.  Earlier in the season, the Cardinals were right at their heels, so the boy’s team had high hopes of continuing further into their season.  But an unfortunate mishap that had the team struggling mentally even before the first buzzer, put the Cardinals at a disadvantage.  The managers of the team had some miscommunication and forgot the team’s shorts, so the boys took the court wearing old shorts that the Northwoods School District kindly lent to them.  The red and green uniforms sported by South Shore players had some late-arriving fans a bit befuddled, but who were soon set straight by those already in the know.

As the game started, the Evergreens quickly gained the lead with multiple three pointers. The boys were struggling and they knew that had to push themselves to catch up.  By the end of the first half, the Cardinals were once again at the Evergreen’s heels.  The remainder of the game was a roller coaster ride – the Cardinals were down by two, up by three, down by four.  In the last few minutes of the game, the Cardinals were down by two.  The Cardinals did a commendable job holding it together in a tough game that saw low team fouls.  That was until the final minutes when the Cardinals racked up double digit team fouls, giving up the ball to Northwood who took advantage of the free throw opportunities to run away at the end.  The final score was 50-42, Evergreens.

Congratulations on a fantastic season Cardinals!  And….THANK-YOU SENIORS!