Come & Get It!

Parent-Teacher Conferences mean an extra long day for teachers and staff who show up at the magic hour of sometime before 8:00 a.m. and stay until 9:00.  But the good news is, South Shore has a caring, supportive and exceptionally talented group of PTO members who had the brilliant idea to host a chili cook off.

There were 7 entries that included Frank Lovejoy, Kevin Kavajecz, Kira Waters, Caleb Lallemont, Nicole Kavajecz, Lynda Nedden-Durst and Jodi Hipsher.  House chili was provided by the PTO.  Entrants

Ceramic bowls were created by the art department Nick Botosh and Sharon Graham for $15 which came with a ballot for voting on sample of seven chilis.  There were 32 bowls

Winners of the cook off received a ceramic bowl and $50 cash.  Since there was a tie, the winners split the $50 & was generously donatedback to the PTO.  Proceeds went to help with end-of-school year activities and to repay the art department for the supplies used to create the bowls.

There was ice cream too!