Cocoa House a Smashing Success!


Cole Lovejoy

Tyler Tichenor leads his class in their rendition of “Pocket Full of Sunshine” for the Cocoa House lip sync battle. Saya and Sara Kangas, Douglas Hipsher, Kevin Biolo, Tiiara Lahti, Austyn Lovejoy, Casper Ward York, Brody Boone, Patrick Voda, Luke Zupke, Bjorn Branham & Holden Suo proved to be valuable back-up and support dancers.

Filmed by Cole Lovejoy & edited by Emma Winge

Brigid J. Ripley, Adviser

If you missed the Cocoa House this year, it’s a shame because South Shore has some incredibly talented students.  On the bright side, however, you can now view any or all of the performances and be treated to Administrator Gustafson’s critically acclaimed jokes.  Congratulations once again to Ms. Hoagland and the South Shore Student Council for the successful relaunch of the Cocoa House.  Looking forward to the next show!

  • 0:00-4:20 Nick Botosh, Signe Branham & Jacqueline Jones sing All of Me by John Legend
  • 4:20-6:35 7th grade girls Alyssa Kobie, Natalie Knaack, Taylor Nicoletti & Lilly Tapani perform a skit involving an orca whale
  • 6:55-9:10 Brody Boone, Tyler Tichenor & Patrick Voda play Star Wars theme song while Kevin Biolo & Jake Winge battle it out with light sabers
  • 9:34-10:07 Brendan Golly plays Star Wars theme song as a solo on the saxophone
  • 10:47-11:12 Alyssa Kobie, Natalie Knaack, Taylor Nicoletti & Lilly Tapani wow the crowd with a rap about colored fish
  • 11:24-14:40 the much anticipated “Johnny Cash” performance with Mr. Gustafson, Mr. Tiberg, Mrs. Truchon, Cole Lovejoy, Hayden Suo, Myla Lahti, Shauna Kavajecz & Jason Rusfeldt
  • 14:59-17:27 7th grade lip sync to Watch Me by Silentó.
  • 17:39-18:47 8th grade lip sync to Pocket Full of Sunshine by Natasha Bedingfield
  • 18:55-19:28 9th grade lip sync to Barbie Girl by Aqua
  • 19:29-23:10 10th grade lip sync to Don’t Stop Believing by Journey
  • 23:11-25:01 11th grade lip sync to I’m a Goofy Goober by SpongeBob SquarePants
  • 25:02-26:25 12th grade lip sync to Let It Go performed by Idina Menzel