Did You Win?


Kira Waters

Katy Kangas & Jessina Lehto (outsides) of Midland Services were happy to deliver the $50 gift cards to raffle winners Julie Branham & Eva Gustafson.

Brigid J. Ripley, Adviser

At the January 29 double header against Mercer, South Shore was proud to welcome Midland Services representative Jessina Lehto and Katy Kangas to introduce the Cash for Kids program.  “All Midland customers can donate their sale to the school by simply letting the clerk know they would like to donate to the youth of South Shore.”

In fact, about $200 has already been raised for South Shore.  District Administrator Clendon Gustafson assured the crowd that the money raised by the community’s generosity would be split amongst the seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth, eleventh and twelveth grade classes.  The rollout event netted lucky raffle winners Julie Branham and Eva Gustafson – it wasn’t rigged;  just good old fashioned luck! – each a $50 Cenex gift card.  Congratulations!