Students Pursue Support

Adrienne Nicholson, Photographer

Small schools can sometimes get left behind just because they can’t always offer the same opportunities as larger schools. But the challenges of a small school quickly became just a memory when three students got  the opportunity to travel to Duluth with Ms.Ripley to collaborate with local institutions to support their endeavors of creating a video. Crystal Stewart, Rachael Teeter and Emma Winge journeyed to WDIO to work with news photographers on Adobe Premiere. The photogs appreciated that South Shore is using industry standard software and the students appreciated getting some support from experts in the field. The tutoring session was quickly followed up with lunch in the van on the way to visit the Burning Tree Plaza Memorial Blood Center. Students were treated to a behind-the-scenes process that blood goes through after donation to get ready for distribution. Component Services Lead Tech Melina Hough wowed the students and Ms. Ripley with her expertise and knowledge as she competently walked them through each of the steps she and the other techs take to process all the donations.

Be sure to look for the student’s completed video on Memorial Blood Center’s YouTube channel February 1st!  And then vote!  The video with the most “Likes” wins.