New Technology!

Jamie Glass, Director of Technology

Over the summer the technology department spent some grant money on a 3D printer.  This gives usaccess to an exciting emerging technology with many potential applications.  Many students have become enamored with our new printer, the Ultimaker².  One student in particular, Logan Livingston (8th grade), has become proficient in designing and fabricating 3D models from start to finish.  Logan can currently design an object using design software such as Google Sketchup 3D or AutoCAD 2016, export it to a common 3D modelling software format (.STL), convert it to GCODE (the language the printer understands) and then finally submit the schematic for printing.  He can also operate the printer directly, adjusting extruder nozzle controls, filament colors and object scaling to just give his projects that finishing touch.  Some other students have also shown an interest and aptitude in 3D modeling and printing this year including Kira Waters (11th grade), Adrianna Nicholson (9th grade) and Michael Tomkowiak (9th grade).