Honorable Achievement For Page Design


Kellie Rock, Traditional Section Editor/Writer

Congratulations are in order for the 2014-2015 yearbook staff for winning an Honorable Achievement from Entourage for Page Design.  Their yearbook last year was one of the best we’ve seen at South Shore for many years.  Their hard work and dedication paid off when the yearbook was awarded with this accomplishment.  The yearbook staff consisted of Blake Rejio, Tristin Koehler, Megan Smith, Megan Gustafson, Makayla Lovejoy, Kellie Rock, Caitlyn Thompson and Morgan Sorenson.  When asked about her experience with being apart of the yearbook, Caitlyn had this to say, “I enjoyed working on the yearbook because I love the environment.  I also love putting pages together to capture memories.  I’m really excited for this year’s yearbook.  I’m really happy with the quality of the staff, which I have the opportunity to work with.”

Again, congratulations to the entire staff.  They spent countless hours capturing memories, organizing and cataloging every single picture and many late night working sessions.  It wasn’t unusual to see the staff toiling away in the BE room after various athletic practices and sometimes even games!  But their hours of effort and dedication were sure appreciated by the entire student body and staff!