Football 2015 Recap


Cole Lovejoy, Production Editor

The 2015 Steelhead football season came to an end on October 16, 2015 at the Washburn field. This year the team was put into the Lakeland North Conference, arguably one of the hardest conferences in the state. This season the football team consisted mostly of freshmen and sophomores mixed with juniors and seniors. The team started practice on August 3rd.The team changed and improved dramatically as the season wore on. As the season came to an end on homecoming night, the Steelheads were up at the half. But during the third quarter, the team had some injuries to key players and they started to fall behind. They finished the season at a record of 0-9, which is not an accurate reflection of their time together as a team. The Steelhead team grew together throughout the season, ending it as close as a family. “You become very close. I mean, you have to. Each and every play you trust them to protect you. You trust that the men around you will get their job done, and they do. You help each other especially when they are down and never give up. The feeling as you run into the huddle is indescribable, everyone is happy to be there, in the moment, and you never want it to end,” said captain Cole Lovejoy. The team did indeed finish close, and they had fun all the way.