Honors Band Rocks the House!

Cole Lovejoy, Production Editor

This year there were four students who attended the Northwestern Music Association All-Conference Honors Band. They were Nick Botosh on the tenor sax, Emma Ostrenga on the clarinet, Signe Branham on the flute and Cole Lovejoy on the tuba. These students got the chance to meet other musicians and play at a more challenging level of music. The students left South Shore school around 8:20. Upon arriving at Northwestern High School, they were welcomed inside and set up in the auditorium. Rehearsal began at 9:00 and continued until  11:30 at which time they were released for lunch. After they ate lunch, they continued to put the music together piece by piece until the band sounded great and was dismissed at 4:15 to prepare for the concert. After changing into their concert attire, the band performed a public concert at 5:00 pm. The concert was a success and a great time was had by all.