Pink Out A Success!

Cassandra Lind, Business Manager

Every October, volleyball coaches Lahti and Truchon and the team gear up for their annual Pink Out! game.  This year, it was held on October 08 with South Shore going head to head with Lakeview Christian Academy.  There is always a lot of preparation that goes into a fundraising event and this game was no exception.  The students sold tickets for several raffles and the school body and community were given an opportunity to help the cause – raising funds to battle breast cancer – by purchasing a ribbon, which they wrote their name or message on and that was later displayed on the trophy cases outside the gym.  The Bear Paw Café generously allowed the students to drop off a stack of ribbons and did some fundraising on the students’ behalf.

The day of the game dawned busily and it didn’t take the students long to transform the commons into a sea of pink, largely thanks to Coach Lahti who traveled far and wide collecting various pink accessories for the festivities.  South Shore gave the crowd quite an experience, eeking out the win over LCA.  The highlight of the night definitely went to the gifting the funds raised “the High School Volleyball team would like to extend their appreciation to the community for their support in making our “Pink Out” night a huge success,” stated Coach Truchon.  “The event brought in $1,032 that we were able to donate to the Bernie Gustafson Klobucher Memorial Fund.  Thank you for all of your generosity!”  Seeing Administrator Gustafson and Athletic Director Tiberg decked out in pink from head to toe had to be a close second.

Congratulations to the team and their successful efforts in raising funds to battle breast cancer.  Well done!

POCOHO_Pink Out!Sara Kangas

POCOHO_Pink Out!02Emma Winge