Spanish Class Trip to Superior


Morgan Sorenson, Reporter

Spanish classes one, two, and three took an informative field trip to Superior on October 30th. The students visited University of Superior, WI, and listened to a presentation by a Spanish professor, Doctor Lorena Rios. The presentation consisted of the negative effects of plastic refuse. According to her page on the faculty and staff section on the UWS website, her goal “is to help students have a basis for solving complex problems in chemistry, and to teach critical thinking.” Her research includes extraction, identification, and quantification of persistent organic pollutants, POPs, in sediments, tissues, water and plastic debris. The students were very enlightened by this experience. They also experienced Doctor Rios’s fun side, and danced with her! Later that day the students visited a church, where they created paper flowers in the basement of the building. Lastly, the students got treated to a fantastic, Mexican style lunch at Guadalajara. The students had very positive feedback from their trip. Spanish two students Kellie Rock said, “Doctor Rios’s presentation was very interesting. It gave the bigger picture on how pollution effects us. It was also interesting to sit and have a conversation with someone whose native language is Spanish, and to try to interpret what she was saying! The Mexican food we ate afterwards was delicious and topped off the whole experience.”  It was a great experience for the Spanish classes, and they had a great time!