Journalism Workshop


Kellie Rock, Traditional Section Editor

Four of the yearbook and POCOHO staff went on a field trip to UW Eau-Claire for a journalism workshop.  They left the school at 5:00Am and arrived at the University at 8:45.  When they arrived they were met by one of the journalism students, and she brought them through the campus on a mini tour on their way to the building where the workshop was taking place.  Once they got to the workshop building they were taken to a theater room where they did interactive activities and a slideshow.  At 9:00 a guest speaker, by the name of Amanda Tyler, spoke to the students about journalism.  She is a journalists and a news anchor on WEAU-13 News.  Then from 9:45-11:25 the students attended many different workshops.  They learned about inspiring interviews, reporting on the action, navigating the adventure of teamwork, capturing the caption, rejuvenating journalism, listening to the voices of the universe, taking a snapshot of the world and finally, traveling the world of television.  The students learned many new ideas which will help them in this years upcoming yearbook and the schools online newspaper.  Caitlyn Thompson, the Editor-in-Chief of the school yearbook, had this to say about her experience, “I am really glad we went!  It was a great learning experience and it will help our staff work better as a team.  I would like to thank Ms. Ripley for taking us on this trip, it was really beneficial!” As you can tell the students learned a lot throughout this experience and had lots of fun doing it.